Client Management

Streamline your coaching business with the client portal.


A built-in Client Relationship Management (CRM) solution helps you manage every aspect of customer interactions. The CRM is fully integrated with prospect and client email lists to better track communications and automate email and invoice sending and so much more.

Page Templates

If you have a coaching practice you know that communication is key. The eCoach360 platform has the capability to create information once and then share it with one or multiple clients. Templates are designed and ready to use or customize.

Tracking / Reporting

Track every step of your customer’s experience so you know if they downloaded your latest document, completed your form, or just how many times have they visited your website?  PLUS, you can download reports to make better business decisions.

Automate Email

Create Email and Newsletters once and use them over and over again. This module allows you to send one email to a select group of clients or send the same email to all of your clients — a real time saver! Plus, track open rates with downloadable reports.

Private Messaging

Send and receive private client messages and keep records of all your client communications through one interface — a great feature that ensures you have a record of all client communications.


Save you time, money and energy with this feature. Create client invoices and estimates, track payment, send auto reminders and download reports for your accountant.